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Kill House is a small size PvP Map that appears to be a warehouse. There are a few mazes, making for excellent cover points. Currently, this is the most popular map in Star Warfare: Alien Invasion.

Spawn Locations

IMG 0350

The blue team will spawn with a building behind them and to their left and right is a maze on each side and in the front of them a big open space to charge through.

The pink team will spawn with a hallway behind them in front of them is the big open space and the left and right a maze on each.

Recommended Weapons

Sniper Rifles- Useful long range shots.

Grenade Launcher (J.O.K.E.)- Lobbing over cover and air raiding the mazes.

Laser Guns- Useful taking out targets from medium to close range, an upgrade of Assault Rifles.

Shotguns- Useful when you are entering the mazes for those close range engagements.

Light Bows- Useful for close range engagements and for ambushes, as well as in confined spaces and corridors, as it deals splash damage.

Machine Guns- great for taking out enemies in the main hallway.

Light Swords- recommended for sneaking up on the enemy team in the start of the game, and coming up behind them through the maze

Assault Rifles- Good for long/short range engagement.

RPGs- Useful for long range shots or diversions, (If you are really crafty).

Black Disk- Also highly effective because of the corridors and confined spaces.

Laser Cannon- Same as Assault Rifles.

  • Open area, blue team attacks from here
  • Pink team spawn location

General Strategy

Pink Team: When you spawn, just stay where you are, wait for the blue team to attack, and hit them from two sides when they arrive. For the pink team, being able to hold that area in front of the corridor is essential to a victory; it offers incredible cover (behind those walls) and there's a high chance that enemies will attempt to "solo" it.

Blue Team: When you spawn, try to get the pink team out and vulnerable then hit them as hard as possible. Now, once you've finally got the pink team's base, try to keep it as long as possible so your dead buddies can respawn to reinforce the position and hold it. As soon as you spawn, try to gain the sniper area on the wall, it is very good for players with sniper guns to eliminate enemy targets. But beware that it is very easy for players with swords such as Windblade or cutter to sneak up the ramp, so watch out!

In a very balanced match, the area in which the pink team start is the key to an unstoppable victory, so try to hold it.

Be very warned when you are entering the mazes since Trinity/JOKE spammers are very common to be found there.

NOTE: This tactic works in Free for All but to a minor degree (unless you have a regeneration bag to retrieve lost health over time).