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Different color schemes.

If anyone would like to submit ideas that could be sent to Freyr, post them here! We can POSITIVELY critique each others ideas so we can get them perfect before submission. You can also edit ideas if the user agrees to it.

Please be advised: If you wish to claim credit for your ideas, then please post them in your own blog. This page isn't for users to attribute credit to themselves, and user names found within the text of this page will be removed.

Invisible Ability


Have an ability where you can temporarily become invisible from other players, allowing the user to ambush their victims in PVP.

Steal weapons


When somebody dies in PVP, the opponent can steal their weapon(only for the round) and if the user wants it back, he must kill that opponent. A max of 3 weapons can be stolen. Or if make it easier, the stole weapon duration is based on the respawn countdown.

Color Customization

Editable: Yes

Freyr should add the option to give your characters color and decals (for a price, like maybe 5-10 mithril). This could help distinguish clans, mercs, and other factions.

Voice Chat and/or Chat


Voice Chat would be great,as players could talk on battle tactics(eg.if someone should go to a Mambull or defeat Diggers or flank someone).

Chat is also great,as you can make a deal with your friends which map or gametype to choose, weapons, etc. With text-based chatting, there should be a swear word censor to maintain a friendly community.


Editable: Yes

Each player could have a customisable badge with different colours to replace the P1/2/3 symbol atop each players head in PvP and add the badge in online PvE to distinguish players even more.

Name More Ranks More ranks for the game so lower level players can have a good time.

Name Tags

Editable: Yes(same as Game Center name)

Each player has their game center name floating above their heads instead of P1-P8.

Pistols, Combination Weapons and Weapon Equipment

Editable: Yes

Pistols as a new weapon for when your ammo runs out; plasma, laser, explosive, granade and flamethrower pistols added. All pistols could add a +1 speed bonus because they are so light. Also all weapons are customisable with equipment and Combi-weapons. When the weapons are fired it fires two different types of bullet (same combi-weapon upgrades as the pistol types). There could be:


Single shot- Fires extremely slowly, about once every 1/2 minute but does large amounts of damage.

Semi-Automatic- Fires faster than a shotgun but slower than an assault rifle.

Machine pistol- Mini assault rifle.

Plasma- Fires at same rate as Single shot but contaminates zone for longer. Acts like poison spray from Poison Pit

Flamethrower- Fires a constant stream of flame and anything hit stays on fire for 30 seconds, even the ground or you.

Rocket- Fires once per second. Explosive damage.

Laser- Constant beam that penetrates EVERYTHING but heats up after 20 seconds. Not as powerful as Laser cannon.

Sniper pistol- Fires same as railgun. Lower damage but higher firerate.

Grenadier- Fires grenades very slowly but can be twin-linked to double fire-rate.

Dark Bombs- Sucks the opponent(s) in a vortex hole and repeatedly gives them damage for 10 seconds


Almost any weapon can be upgraded to a combi-weapon by clicking the combi weapon link in the weapon upgrade and equipment menu. This takes up one of the weapons equipment slots. Combi-weapons are a normal gun(no guns with speed penalties can be upgraded to combi weapon) with a pistol that has been grafted on(prebought). Once fired the gun uses both the guns (pistol and assault rifle/shotgun/Laser gun etc) attacks. So a Assault rifle and rocket pistol combo will fire both at their own bullets at the same rate. Combi-weapons exert a -1 speed penalty. 


Laser- A color customisable laser beam for ease of aiming (pistols have no sights?(possible)

Zoom Lens- When firing the view zooms in more than normal.

Suppressor- When playing PvP your gun does not make any noise but a small coughing, preventing your opponent from recognising your weapon through its sound(RPG rockets and grenades still make the explosion sound)

Particle Accelerator- All bullets from any gun with the Particle Accelerator attached go at twice the speed, good for the slow-moving Black Disk or RPG's. Grenades go twice as far instead of speeding up.

Shield Penetrator- Any shield powers or abilities are leapfrogged by this.

Extra Magazine- Halves energy cost of weapon.

Double Mag-  Upgrades firing speed by 20%.

X-Ray Vision- Unlimited ability. You can see through walls and see enemies equipment(PvP).

Regenerator-Let's you regenerate health for 2 minutes without a regen pack.

Bipod-Decrease recoil and increase accuracy when firing.

Micro Fusion Reactor-When not firing, it charges up the weapon and increase damages up to 90% (40% in PvP). When fired continuously, its duration last 10 sec with 5 sec recharge.

Depleted Uranium Reactor-When attached with any guns, direct hit enemies and deal damage over time by 10% of the weapon damages per sec for 5 sec (5% DoT in PvP)

If anyone has any more ideas please, PLEASE add them here. Thanks!

Gravity and jumping system

Players could jump to dodge a few attacks and there would be a new map with 45% less gravity.

Store bought aliens.

In PvP an item that summons one specific alien into pvp that attacks everyone against you.

Digger- 5,000 gold 25 uses

Tacorlion- 25,000 gold 25 uses

Stalker- 30,000 gold 25 uses

Green Lady- 50,000 gold 25 uses

Black Mayfly- 60,000 gold 25 uses

Mambull- 100,000 gold 25 uses

Dempster- 75000 25 uses

Every kill by the alien will be added to the alien leader.

Only one alien per round. Alien will be colored the color of the owner. In TDM it will be blue or pink.

In CO-OP it will attack other aliens. It will disappear when boss enters.

In free for all or all for one it will be the color of the owner such as P3 - yellow P-4 Green.

Be back soon with more epic stuff(or not).

Hey, I'm back with new epic ideas.Heres one to start off:

Grenades and Drop items

Buy in item shop. Tap item button (in battle) then hold and release firing stud to throw/drop. Different types of grenades includes:

Crack Grenades- Basic grenades. Explode once 5 second timer runs down or upon enemies touch.

Plasma Grenades- Creates a plasma polluted area within blast radius.

Smoke Grenades- Can only see opponents if close. Targeting icon still goes red when strafing over.

Decoy Grenades- Creates a soundscape of alien noises and firing.

Shockwave Grenades- Creates a shockwave that pushes enemies away (minimal damage)

Mines- Drop mines become active 5 seconds after being dropped and become camouflaged into the floor apart from a flashing red light. Explodes when enemies come within proximity sensor.

Portable Shield Generator- Creates a portable shield when dropped. Enemies can pass through it but they cannot shoot. Destroy by passing through the shield and shooting the generator.

Slo-Time Bubble- Slows time for everyone outside the bubble for 10 seconds, enough to get quick railgun headshots.

Invisibility Generator- Creates a bubble of invisibility that lasts until a shot penetrates it. Bullets fired from within don't count but once out of the bubble they become visible.

Tactical Flare- Alert fellow soldiers when in trouble. Also useful for throwing at enemy camps/groups for concentrated attacks from teammates. Flare will be thrown like a generic grenade, but will rocket upwards once fuse is melted, cracking like fireworks in the sky. Red Arrows will appear on teammate's screen, indicating designated location.

Counter-Equipment- Deployable Electronic Device that will disable any lethal electronic equipment within a 10m radius (including grenades), will also remove HUD from enemy player's screens within a 5m radius.

EMP Disable all weapons for 10 seconds in a 30 m radius. Useful when you're about to die.1,000,000 gold.

I.M.S- Lay down an Intelligent Munitions System that shoots a munition in the air and decends on a target detected. Useful for setting around corners where enemies camp. Lasts up to a minute. Can be destroyed by enemies who aren't close enough. Cost 200,000 per.

Shop-Buyable Abilities

Editable: Yes

You can buy abilities from the shop. Each armour can carry a different amount of abilities. The abilities include:

Camo Pod- Activated Ability. Makes you invisible for 10 seconds, perfect for sniping without being seen.

Emergency Defillibrator- Activated Ability. Once dead touch the ability icon and you will be revived for 10,000 energy. The ability has a 5 minute cooldown time, however, so be EXTREMELY cautious until it has recharged.

Shielded Armour- Automatic Ability. Once added to your suit you will have a shield bar which recharges using energy at a rate of 1 energy/1% shield bar. Once depleted it will take 3 minutes to recharge, and once it has recharged ,your shield goes to full strength instantly. The Freedom backpack DOES NOT give this infinite energy, you will still have to buy it.

Health Regenerator- Automatic.Your health restores itself at a rate of 50 health per second.

Energy Boost- Automatic. Each weapon uses half as much energy as usual.

Energy Recharger- Automatic. Energy recharges at a rate of 10 energy per second.

Life Leech- Automatic. Any enemy that comes within range of your aura begins to lose 1% health per second and transfer it to you.

Kiss of Life- Activated. If you are killed by an opponent with a melee weapon or shotgun (including Morpheus) you instantly return to life with half health and speed. The opponent who killed you dies. Ability can only be used once per game and DOES NOT WORK against bosses.

F.L.J (Full Laser Jacket)- Automatic. Upgrades POW by 20% for ALL weapons.

B.O.O.S.T- Activated. Once used you are catapulted into the sky(unless there is a roof) to land wherever you want. Upon impact you cause a shockwave with minimal damage that knocks enemies off their feet, like a Rhino charge.

Custom Maps

Editable: Yes

On the customise section in the main menu there is a new option; custom maps! Once entered you gain a 3D view of a plain floor that can be Edited to create different textures. Choose PvP or PvE and then pick spawn points while adding scenery to your hearts content. It can then be saved and named then edited. Once created and going online you can choose in the maps section your custom map. Unfair maps can be reported.

Bluetooth Multiplayer

Editable: N/A

Multiplayer connection through bluetooth. Can only support a maximum of 4 players?

New Bosses and Aliens

A gigantic puma(a black leopard) like boss that has low damage but high speed and fast attacks. The boss will be smaller than other boss because of its speed. Attacks include biting and throwing, slashing, and if can maybe the boss can use lighting because lighting means fast.

Acid Hunter- Somewhat like an abandond Xmas Suprise frame mutated by acid bombers (so actually is alive) Instead of charging you is fires 3 Acid Bombers at you for four times. Before the battle is over the boss explodes and 10 acid bombers explode from the wreckage and then falls to the ground. You must dodge the explosion and the acid bombers.

Sentrem -A giant/metalic robot which punches on the floor where you loose 5,000 hp then you face 5 mini giants which shoot grenades and you loose about 2,000 per grenade  and there are about 30 after you kill them theboss has halve life the boss runs towards you where you loose about 10,000 hp he also shoots fire where its useful to have a flying backpakck.  After you kill him you get:

1 player-1,299,998

2 player-2,000,000

3 player-2,500,000

and approximately 1,000,000 EXP

to 0- 7 Mithril

Before facing the boss you must fight 4 Rhinoes.  The Aliens do about 3,000-15,000 damage, depending on how many players there are.

Skalpion- Giant scorpion (bigger than the Scorpion mutattion) with 5 attacks:

1. Clawgrab which slashes at you with it's claw with a 7500 HP loss

2. Tailstab which stabs you with his tail sword including an 8000 HP loss

3. Groundsmash which happens when he flinches he starts to smash the ground with claws creating huge shockwaves dealing a 6000 HP loss

4. Underground Charger which the Serpent does by going underground for a short time, and coming back up under you, releasing and smashing you with a shockwave bigger than the Serpent's shockwave minusing 4000 HP

5.  Shoots some Poison Burn out of it's mouth and takes away 3 Speed for 8 seconds dealing a 2500 HP loss every second (if the Skalpion is killed while the Poison Burn is on you, the it is terminated with the Scalpon)

1 player= 1,000,000
2 players= 1,370,000
3 players= 1,640,000

2-6 Mithril

Shark-zilla: Boss. Lives in a water environment. Looks like a giant humanoid shark.

Health: same as Siegefried.

Mithril drop rate: 1/3 mithril.

Gold given: 250,000.

Can only be played on co-op.

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