This is the root directory for a collection of icons from various parts of the game. It is a critical component of the SW Player Automated template, so please do not delete this page or any of its subpages.

To make any of these icons appear on a page, type {{:Icon/NAME OF ITEM}}.

A guide for creating icons from an iPad screenshot can be found here. Note that this may not work for other devices due to differing screen dimensions.

To use this in conjunction with the SW Player Automated template, enter the name of an item as seen on this page into one of the "PvE/PvP Slot" fields. Do not type {{:Icon/NAME OF ITEM}} into the field -- you only need to type the NAME OF ITEM (i.e. do not type the brackets or ":Icon").

Star Warfare 1

Weapon Icons

Health Icons

Aid-Kit Icons

Assist Icons

Rank Icons

Star Warfare 2

Damage-Type Icons

Currency Icons