Hygeio is the second VOID introduced in Star Warfare 2: Payback.

When activated, this VOID will heal a percentage of the player's Max HP, making it very convenient in critical situations and boss fights. Once it reaches level 3, additional healing can be gained each second. This VOID also has the ability to heal teammates. To do so, approach the targeted player, then activate the VOID. Note that it will only restore HP once it reaches the targeted player. This ability has a cooldown duration of 40 seconds.


Level Materials Required Heals Heal Per Second
1 (Base) EmeraldCrystal x 9 EmeraldFragment x 11 20% 0HP
2 AzureCrystal x 23 AzureFragment x 27 22% 0HP
3 CrimsonRockCrystal x 80 EmeraldCrystal x 11 AzureFragment x 9 CrimsonModule x 6 24% 60HP
4 EmeraldRockCrystal x 100 CrimsonCrystal x 26 PureFragment 24 EmeraldModule x 6 26% 120HP


  • When activating the VOID, stay stationary for a moment because the VOID will only heal you once it reaches you.
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