Hydra A

S - Superb
A - Excellent
B - Good
C - Average
D- Poor

Strength: C
Defense: D
Health: D
Agility: A
Versatility: C

The Hydra set is a low-level armor, usually acquired right after the Viper Armor, Tank Armor or Fortune Armor. This armor is built for agility when compared to the other low-level sets, but you will not obtain the speed bonus without purchasing and wearing all four armor components, which in turn elevates the cost of obtaining the speed bonus. 

Armor Details

Parts Price Stats

Hydra Head

Price: $95,000

Stats: +650 HP, +10% Gold

Hydra Chest

Price: $145,000

Stats: +1800 HP

Hydra Hands

Price: $100,000

Stats: +800 HP, +5% POW

Hydra Legs

Price: $60,000

Stats: +600 HP


Price: $400,000

Stats: +3850 HP, +5% POW, +10% Gold

Set Bonus

Stats: +400 HP, +1 SPD


Price: $400,000

Stats: +4250 HP, +5% POW, +10% Gold, +1 SPD

Unique Set Bonus

This armor doesn't have any unique set bonuses

Set Bonus Ability

This armor doesn't have any active abilities

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