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Many requests from both the wiki, YouTube, and other sites have been acknowledged. On this page, you'll find out how to upload both videos and photos from your device to this Wiki and YouTube.

Uploading Photos

There are several different ways to upload a photo to the Wikia. Some of the ways are listed below.

1. Connect your device to your PC or laptop and upload your photo from there.

2. Email the photo to yourself and upload the photo via PC or laptop.

3. Download the Photobucket app. Save the photo to there and go on your computer, view the photo via Photobucket, and save the photo.

4. Just upload it straight to the wiki (remember to rename it first, though)

Display Recorder (Jailbreak)

For those who do not know, Display Recorder is an tweak for recording what is happening on your screen, downloaded from Cydia. It is very useful for recording videos.

How to Get Display Recorder

First, before you do anything, you must have a jailbroken iDevice. If you do not, you cannot download any of the extensions below.

When your iDevice is jailbroken, enter Cydia,and go to Search. Search for Display Recorder. The only option is to buy it, and there is not a free trial available.

Using Display Recorder Tweak

The Display Recorder can be customized to make custom activations. You can also select the quality or change the video format. To do this, go to Settings,and go to your Display Recorder settings. The default quality is high. You can change it to low to remove lag,it is still 720p HD. To record, you can go to Display Recorder,and select Start Recording. You can also download Activator, to make custom activation gestures. The recording is stopped in the same way as it is activated.

To view what you recently recorded, enter the display recording application. There you should see what you recently recorded. Tap on the video and click "play video".

There are three types of formats in Display Recorder; H.264/MOV, hH264/MOV with mic audio, and MJPEG/AVI. The recommended type is H.264/MOV because you can play with minimum lag. If you want to record system and/or microphone audio, select H.264/MOV with mic audio.It will record your microphone,but also the system audio at the same time.

The MJEPEG/AVI format is not recommended for game-play recordings,and you need a computer to upload it.

Reducing Framerate will decrease the lag during recording at the cost of lower fps.

Display Recorder (non-Jailbreak)

This is actually a pretty old way of display recording. You do not have to download from cydia at all. This is available on a website:

Please note that when the app doesn't work or STARTS to not work at all, try downloading the alternative version of the display recorder or try downloading the app again. 

MUST: YOU MUST FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. They will require you to change your iPhone/iPod/iPad date to whatever it wants to or else, it will not work.

Uploading Your Video

There are too many ways to list them all,but here are the most popular ones: 1.Send video to YouTube via Display Recorder app.

2.Click on the video and click add to Camera Roll.Enter photos app and click on video.On the top right corner, click upload to YouTube(easiest and fastest)

3.Download YouTube Capture from the App Store. Select a video and select Upload button(Recommended when you want to upload safely and edit the video(if you want))

4)Add the video to the Camera Roll,then extract it to your PC/Mac.Edit it(if you want) and upload it with your PC/Mac

Have any suggestions to uploading? Post them here!