Grenade launchers are heavy-duty, AOE weapons that fire explosive grenades in an arc.

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These projectiles have very low travel speed and explode automatically when contact is made with a surface or player. Grenade launchers pack a heavy punch, but comes with high energy costs.

In PvP, you can use Grenade Launchers defensively by area-denial tactics, in which grenades are used to block up an enemy's advance. Furthermore, since grenades have a travel arc, they can be fired while under cover or behind a wall.  Grenade Launchers saw limited usage before the 2.71 update in PvE and PvP, as the low projectile travel speed, delayed explosion, and low damage combined to form a relatively inefficient weapon, and enemies were able to dodge or avoid grenades with ease.

With the release of the J.O.K.E, grenade launchers have hurtled back into PvP with ferocious power. The AOE of this new weapon is devastating, dealing massive damage on any enemies in its blast radius. It also periodically fires red mines (the special grenades in the weapon description) that seek out and follow enemies, making J.O.K.E grenades hard to outrun avoid.

Grenade Launchers are the most susceptible weapons to the Explosives Glitch. (See Glitches for further information.)


Rank 1 POW: 80

Firerate: 0.50

Energy: 20

Speed: -1

Cost: $150,000

Rank 8 POW: 280

DPS: 560

"Your first choice of its kind with low damage, not bad splash radius, and low energy consumption."

A cheap grenade launcher for starting players. It deals fair damage and has a slow fire rate of .50 seconds. Can be bought for $150,000.


Rank 1 POW: 170

Firerate: 0.45

Energy: 50

Speed: -1

Cost: $600,000

Rank 8 POW: 595

DPS: 1487.5

"Medium damage, low splash radius, and nice fire rate."

The M347 is for players who do not have the Mithril to buy the GEO9X or the J.O.K.E. It has higher damage than the VOX-07 and a faster fire rate of .45 seconds.


Rank 1 POW: 220

Firerate: 0.45

Energy: 60

Speed: -1

Cost: 80 mithril

Rank 8 POW: 770

DPS: 1711.11

"High damage with perfect splash radius but medium fire rate and high energy cost."

The GEO9X deals 120 damage at rank 1 and is much powerful than the above launchers. It has the same .45 second fire rate as the M347, and players can choose to buy it for 80 Mithril if they cannot afford the J.O.K.E. It deals 770 damage at full upgrade.


Rank 1 POW: 270

Firerate: 0.40

Energy: 120

Speed: -1

Cost: 238 mithril

Rank 8 POW: 945

DPS: 2362.5

"Launch special grenade every 2 seconds which generates a plasma force can keep damaging enemies in it."

Comes with seeking mines. The J.O.K.E. is a grenade launcher that fires special grenades every two seconds. At rank 8 the J.O.K.E. deals an astounding 945 damage and is considered one of the most powerful close-range weapons in the game. The special grenades follow a target, and at least one will leave a damaging void after seeking a target, dealing damage to enemies that stayed on the void. A J.O.K.E. user is hard to outrun especially if the player is in a R.O.M.E. suit. It is best used with either the R.O.M.E. because of its suit bonus of 20% damage to grenade launchers, or the Knight with its fire rate boost changes the fire rate of the J.O.K.E. from 0.40 to 0.34.


Rank 1 POW: 300

Firerate: 1.50

Energy: 330

Speed: -1.5

Cost: 228 mithril

Rank 8 POW: 1050

DPS: 700

"Launch special grenade that will float in the air, seek enemy and will release energy shower on top of them."

Has similar nature to the J.O.K.E. with seeking "mines", but unlike its predecessor, this gun fires off grenades that "fly" upwards, then towards the enemy, before finally releasing a burst of energy on top of them. It also has a .5 additional speed reduction, really huge energy consumption, and the slowest-firing grenade launcher in the game.

It is mostly seen in PvE, as the J.O.K.E. outmatches it's peformance in PvP matches.


Grenade Launchers

Grenade Launchers

VOX-07 ENG 20 FR 0.50 SPD -1

M347 ENG 50 FR 0.45 SPD -1

Ge09X ENG 60 FR 0.45 SPD -1

J.O.K.E ENG 120 FR 0.40 SPD -1

U.F.O ENG 330 FR 1.50 SPD -1.5


POW 80 (Cost: $150,000)

POW 170 (Cost: $500,000)

POW 220 (Cost: 80 Mithril)

POW 270 (Cost: 238 Mithril)

POW 300 (Cost: 228 Mithril)


POW 92 (Cost: $45,000)

POW 195 (Cost: $150,000)

POW 253 (Cost: $285,000)

POW 310 (Cost: $1,260,000)

POW 345 (Cost: $1,260,000)


POW 108 (Cost: $75,000)

POW 229 (Cost: $250,000)

POW 297 (Cost: $475,000)

POW 364 (Cost: $2,100,000)

POW 405 (Cost: $2,100,000)


POW 128 (Cost: $105,000)

POW 272 (Cost: $350,000)

POW 352 (Cost: $665,000)

POW 432 (Cost: $2,940,000)

POW 480 (Cost: $2,940,000)


POW 152 (Cost: $150,000)

POW 323 (Cost: $500,000)

POW 418 (Cost: $950,000)

POW 513 (Cost: $4,200,000)

POW 570 (Cost: $4,200,000)


POW 184 (Cost: $300,000)

POW 391 (Cost: $1,000,000)

POW 506 (Cost: $1,900,000)

POW 621 (Cost: $8,400,000)

POW 690 (Cost: $8,400,000)


POW 224 (Cost: $450,000)

POW 476 (Cost: $1,500,000)

POW 616 (Cost: $2,850,000)

POW 756 (Cost: $12,600,000)

POW 840 (Cost: $12,600,000)


POW 280 (Cost: $675,000)

POW 595 (Cost: $2,250,000)

POW 770 (Cost: $4,275,000)

POW 945 (Cost: $18,900,000)

POW 1050 (Cost: $18,900,000)