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Gold is the basic currency to buy and upgrade weapons, armor, and backpacks. Its premium counterpart is Mithril, which is only used for purchases and not upgrades.

While gold can be earned from PvP, it is usually earned quicker by playing PvE. Gold can be earned quicker the higher up a level of difficulty is, though this will also make it harder for the player to survive. Bosses drop the most gold, which you need to get the best gear.

Rate of Gold for Bosses

(For more details, click here, but you must choose one of the bosses as shown)


Wrath of Mantis- approx. 45k-149k gold is earnt (Note: The loot amount decreases every time you defeat the boss)

Poison Pit- approx. 80k-199k gold is earnt

Siegfried- approx. 130k-449k gold is earnt


Wrath of Mantis- approx. 45k-249k.

Poison Pit- approx. 90k-349k.

Siegfried- approx. 185k-699k.

Double Rages- approx. 249k-849k.

Serpent- approx. 349k-1100k.

Xmas Surprise- approx. 400k-1400k.

  • Gold is mostly found by killing aliens (each kill earns you some gold), though they can also drop some as loot on the map. Click here for details on the different types of aliens.

Strategies for looting Gold

(For more details, click here)

Vs. Aliens

  • Gold is primarily found from aliens, and large bonuses can be earned by killing lots of them and obtaining high combo streaks.


Despite the higher ammo consumption, killing tougher aliens usually earns you more gold than killing weaker aliens. The longer you stay alive, the more gold you earn, so a common piece of advice is to buy armor before weapons. However, proper usage of camping strategies and dodging can significantly prolong your longevity with low HP armors, which is a strong argument for buying and upgrading your weaponry while upgrading your armor as a last resort.

(Please note: Expending ammo actually earns you more gold than freeloading.)

Vs. Bosses

1. Do not use melee or close-ranged weapons, as you will often collide with the boss while trying to attack them. Also try to avoid weapons with slow projectiles, such as RPGs or Grenade Launchers.

2. Choose your equipment carefully. In particular, beware of high HP builds which sacrifice speed, as you will have a harder time dodging if you've got a very low speed build.

3. Look at how quickly your weapon outputs damage rather than its actual power per shot: the Morpheus may have a base power of 2800 next to the M-27B1's 700, but the M-27B1 fires close to 6 times a second -- this means that the M-27B1 is outputting close to 4118 damage points per second against the Morpheus's 2800 per second.


1. Backpedaling is recommended, but the player needs to be aware of their surroundings -- backing into a wall is usually bad news (particularly if you're fighting against Siegfried since it's possible to get stuck on outcropping rocks). Strafing is generally a safer alternative.

2. Holding down the right stick slows your character down -- if you need to dodge a particularly fast attack, stop firing and change to your lightest weapon if the one you're using has a speed penalty.

4. Do not get too close to the boss, but also beware of going to far from boss: some attacks are more easily evaded by means of backpedalling (e.g. Mantis' laser, Siegfried's mid-range lunge).


Mithril-to-Gold Option

This option can be accessed from the "Bank" button in the dropdown menu when not in battle. It is generally not recommended as mithril is significantly harder to obtain than gold due to its inconsistent drop.

(Also note: Expending more mithril for gold gives you about around 10-20% more gold than the previous Mithril-to-Gold option.)