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Front Line

Difficulty: ★

Next map: Energy Core

Front Line is the first sector of PvE. It comes with 5 main levels and one infinite level. It is the first and easiest map in the game.


This area appears to be within a dry, mountainous, desert region. There are a few buildings scattered around the sandy map, one of which is inaccessible due to a rockslide. The second building has a few flashing screens, storages crates, and a small tunnel. This area may have been a trading port of some kind, as there are supply depots and many shipping crates. There are also many permanent blood stains splattered throughout the map, perhaps suggesting that the usual human inhabitants of the Front Line have been killed or have evacuated. 


The enemies encountered here include the DiggerStalkerTacorlion, and the Black Mayfly. These aliens all have very low defense and attack, so higher-tiered armors will not take much damage. However, new players with weaker armor should be careful on this map and avoid reckless behaviors. In the regular single player levels, the only mutated enemies are Diggers, but the infinity level contains all mutated enemies.

Recommended Weapons

  • Assault Rifles: Very useful, as this is primarily a medium-range map. 
  • Shotguns: Great for combat in more narrow areas.
  • Light Swords: Powerful enough to wipe out groups of aliens in a few hits. 
  • Grenade Launchers: Effective in close-quarters within the buildings. 
  • Machine guns, if you have them: Effective at short-medium ranges.

Recommended Armor

Anything above (and including) Viper armor.