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Fortune A.PNG

S - Superb
A - Excellent
B - Good
C - Average
D - Poor

Strength: D
Defense: D
Health: D
Agility: C
Versatility: D

The Fortune Armor is the first armor new players can purchase after the default Viper Armor. It provides very little protection, making it only useful for early missions. Using it against a boss is very difficult unless one has an excellent gun and good skills. It is relatively cheap, however, making it easy for lower level players to acquire.

However, this is good for PvE as new players can easily increase a bit more money due to some gold bonuses that are applied from the suit, to save for a new weapon or either a new armor set. It is not recommended in PvP because of its lack of health. The gold bonus it gives makes it useful to hold on it for a while to save up for a new gun or armor.

Armor Details

Fortune Armor
Parts Price Stats

Fortune Head

Price: $20,000

Stats: +450 HP, +5% Gold

Fortune Chest

Price: $27,000

Stats: +900 HP

Fortune Hands

Price: $24,000

Stats: +300 HP, +5% POW

Fortune Legs

Price: $16,000

Stats: +450 HP


Price: $87,000

Stats: +2100 HP, +5% POW, +5% Gold

Set Bonus

Stats: +400 HP, +5% Gold


Price: $87,000

Stats: +2500 HP, +5% POW, +10% Gold

Unique Set Bonus

This armor doesn't have any unique set bonuses

Set Bonus Ability

This armor doesn't have any active abilities

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