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This page can answer Frequently Asked Questions and questions you may ask.

Basic Gameplay

Q. How do I carry multiple weapons?

A. Go to "customize", select the "pack" button, and sort your weapons.

Q. How do I change weapons during combat?

A. There is a weapon scroller in the right of your screen. You can press or scroll it to change weapons.

Q. How do I use my armour's/backpack's special ability?

A. For an armor ability, first ensure that you are wearing the full armor set -- if you are not wearing all the pieces of the relevant armor, you can't use the armor ability. On the right side of the screen, there will be new buttons corresponding to your armor/backpack ability. Tapping these buttons will activate the ability and cause it to be used up, and you cannot use the ability until it has recharged.

Equipment Choices

Q. Should I get the FREEDOM or the Jin.Jingle/SAM for PvE?

A. Compare the amount of ammo you're consuming against how much gold you're earning: If the ammo-to-income ratio is greater than the gold bonus offered by the other backpack, get the FREEDOM. Otherwise, you'll make a greater net profit using the aforementioned backpack than the FREEDOM.


Q. I am not receiving mithril for my IAP! What do I do?

A. Contact Freyr using their email located at their website ( There is also a known glitch where IAPs do not work properly if they are accessed while on the Customize or Store screens -- try accessing the Bank from the Main Menu if possible. Also, try restarting the game. Your mithril might come back this way.

Q. I have unlocked infinite waves for a single player level, so why can't I proceed to the next map?

A. Infinite waves for single player levels will unlock at the same time as Level 5 is unlocked, so there is a high chance that you have not yet completed Level 5 despite all the difficulty levels being lit up. Completing the Level 5 difficulty commonly solves this perceived issue.

Q. I can't connect to multiplayer. Why? 

A. Check your device connection status, and if your device has the A4 chip or less, then that could affect your connection probability. If not, check your internet provider, and ask about your internet plan.

Q. I get an error message when I try to connect to multiplayer: Unable to connect to server. What do I do? 

A. If you get the error message, it usually means that Freyr servers are overloaded. Stay on the error pop-up for a couple of seconds and don't press "OK." You should be fine then, and will be able to log in to multiplayer.

Q. Upload or Download?

A. Click download to get the data from your Game Center account back.  Click upload to upload your data from your device to your Game Center.


Q. How do i join a clan?

A. Ask the leader (or members if allowed) if you can join.


Q. Is there a way for someone to send gold/mithril to me?

A. No, there is no legal way of doing this.

Ask any other questions in the comments or post them here so we can help you! 

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