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Energy Gloves are mobile, lightweight, hand-fitted explosive weapons.

There are currently two energy gloves, the Energy Glove and the Spring, both of which home in when the Black Hole Armor's ability is used.

Before the 2.80 update, there was only one weapon in the class - the same-named Energy Glove.

The Energy Glove has been subjected to various revisions and adjustments in both PvE and PvP. While the weapon originally fired blue fists which expanded according to the inverse square law (i.e. the fists grew larger the further they traveled), they have since been degraded into pulsating energy balls, presumably because the expanding fists covered too large an area for opponents to escape from. Additionally, despite having a PvE power equivalent to a Windblade's melee slash, the Energy Glove's damage output has been scaled down significantly in PvP.

The Energy Glove previously took down a full Phoenix Armor in 5 blasts. When the Perseus Armor was released, it was modified, and the giant fist was replaced with energy balls. It now takes approximately 12 energy balls to take down a full Phoenix, representing a significant drop in its PvP power. It has the same power in PvE.

Although not the ideal weapon for PvP, It is an amusing weapon for PvE and great to use if you want to conserve your health for the boss fight, as the blast will kill most if not all the enemies in its proximity, slowing down any survivors and lowering the chance of aliens getting off an attack. 

The most noticable traits of Energy Gloves is that they have no speed reduction, and they are hand-fitted weapons (like the White Drill which is a nailgun). This allows users to move at fast paces, whilst dealing damage to enemies. When the Black Hole armor ability is used, projectiles from Energy Gloves (as well as light bows and RPGs) home in the enemy directed upon.

Energy Glove:

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Rank 1 POW: 250

Firerate: 0.60

Energy: 60

Cost: 180 mithril

Rank 8 POW: 875

DPS: 1458.3

"It's hand of God, just try!"

The Energy Glove can be bought for 180 mithril, and after a few changes, the Energy Glove is only effective in single player for clearing groups of aliens. In PvP the current version of the Energy Glove deals weaker damage than that of the Spring, 12 hits to kill a full Phoenix Armor while the Spring can kill a Phoenix in 5-6 blasts (all 5 projectiles hit, fully upgraded). It is also an ideal weapon in terms of energy consumption.


Spring I.png

Rank 1 POW: 30 x5 (total of 150)

Firerate 0.60

Energy: 180

Cost: 75 mithril

Rank 8 POW: 105 x5 (total of 525)

DPS: 175 (x5 equals to 875 DPS)

"Project 5 energy arrows. Give massive damage in shot distance or with special armor."

Cheaper than the Energy Glove, the Spring only costs 75 mithril, and in single player it is less effective than the Energy Glove. To kill an single Digger in Lair/ Siegfried it will take around 2-3 5-hit blasts. The Spring performs as a medium-high rank energy glove.

It fires five blue-colored energy nails in a pattern similar to the five of dice. The nails bounce off the walls instead of exploding on contact (similar to the Black Disk), and will explode if they come in contact with players or walls that have an angle greater than 45 degrees. Using the Spring can be considered troublesome in gameplay, as the amount of arrows being fired causes a drop in frame rate.


Energy Glove


Energy Glove ENG 60 FR 0.50

Spring ENG 180 FR 0.60


LV1: POW 250 (Purchase: 180 Mithril)

LV1: POW 30 * 5 (Purchase: 77 Mithril)


LV2: POW 287 (Upgrade: $690,000)

LV2: POW 34 * 5 (Upgrade: $480,000)


LV3: POW 337 (Upgrade: $1,150,000)

LV3: POW 40 * 5 (Upgrade: $800,000)


LV4: POW 400 (Upgrade: $1,610,000)

LV4: POW 48 * 5 (Upgrade: $1,120,000)


LV5: POW 475 (Upgrade: $2,300,000)

LV5: POW 57 * 5 (Upgrade: $1,600,000)


LV6: POW 575 (Upgrade: $4,600,000)

LV6: POW 69 * 5 (Upgrade: $3,200,000)


LV7: POW 700 (Upgrade: $6,900,000)

LV7: POW 84 * 5 (Upgrade: $4,800,000)


LV8: POW 875 (Upgrade: $10,350,000)

LV8: POW 105 * 5 (Upgrade: $7,200,000)