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Energy Core

Difficulty: ★★

Previous map: Front Line

Next map: Space Station

Energy Core is the second sector of PvE. It comes with 5 main levels and one infinite level.


The location of this sector is unknown. It is similar to a man-made generator room. It features one outer room with alien burrows and dark areas, and a central room with some sort of power generator. It appears to be an abandoned generator that has possibly been discovered by the aliens, although the generator itself does not appear very old.


The enemies encountered at Front Line are also seen here. However, mutations of Stalkers and Tacorlions are introduced here. In addition, the Green Lady and Mambull are also introduced in this map. Enemies in this map are about twice as tough as those at Front Line; inexperienced players must be extra careful while navigating this map, as the dark areas can disorient them.

Recommended Weapons

  • Assault Rifles: useful for both main areas of this map.
  • Shotguns: recommended for the central room as well as the tight squeezes along the outer walls.

Recommended Armor