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Elite Minons are random alterations to aliens during PvE and Survival modes. Elites are significantly buffed, increasing attack power, speed, or HP; they are also marked by a different color (often a dark, bluish purple.)

Apparently, these powerful creatures are created through a large consumption of mithril,  mutating both appearance and strength.

Fans have speculated that the Bosses were once typical aliens, but were then transformed into bloodthirsty, monstrous foes by consuming mithril.

Elites in the second game will usually have a aquamarine/orange color and will have the same principles as in the first game.

Possible Mutations:

Digger - Increased HP, attack power and speed. 

Tacorlion - Increased HP and attack.

Stalker - Increased HP, attack, distance (for leaping) and speed (for running

Green Lady - No elite form.

Black Mayfly - Increased HP, attack, and speed.

Myth371 - Increased damage, HP.

Plasma Slug - Increased HP, attack, speed, and attack splash radius.

Demster - Increased shield (75% less damage instead of 50%), more power, and increased speed.

Mambull - No elite form.