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Uses some Mithril power in the armor to boost energy damage.

–Set Bonus Description

Dread Armor is the fourth armor available in Star Warfare 2: Payback. It can be unlocked by finishing Stage 2 Normal. It is generally considered a mid-tier armor due to its average health and stats. The armor can be purchased with Gold, with the exception of the helmet, which costs Mithril. It works effectively for people who are at Stage 3 and 4, although it is recommended to upgrade to the Argon Armor after you have beaten Stage 3.

Wearing the full Dread suit will confer the Energy Core set bonus, which increases Energy DMG by 40% and allows skills to cool down faster by 10%.

Previous suit: Eagle armor

Next suit: Argon armor


Armor Cost Color Polarity PvP Level Unlock Bonuses
Health Damage Speed Gold EXP
Helmet MithrilIconSW2.png260 Blue < 25 1000 5% --- 10% 10%
Chest GoldIconSW2.png300,000 Green 18 2400 --- --- 5% ---
Gloves GoldIconSW2.png220,000 Blue 14 1300 --- --- --- ---
Boots GoldIconSW2.png240,000 Green 15 1800 --- --- --- 5%
Total GoldIconSW2.png760,000 MithrilIconSW2.png260 Energy Core 6500 5% --- 10% 15%
  • Note: Total stats do not include the set bonuses.
  • This armor is commonly used with Energy DMG Void bonus with MiT-Blue backpack if the user only equip with one energy weapon, which increased the its DMG bonus by 95%+?%. However, certain combinations of the "Energy Storm" suit bonus can possibly surpass this DMG bonus.