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Dec.24 A.PNG

S - Superb
A - Excellent
B - Good
C - Average
D - Poor

Strength: A
Defense: B
Health: A
Agility: A
Versatility: A

The Dec.24 is a Rank 9 armor that was added into the game in the Version 2.20 "Christmas update", alongside the Xmax-Tree and the Jin.Jingle backpack. All armor pieces can be bought with gold, and similarly to the Chaos Armor, it has an extensive amount of gold bonuses built into its various components alongside a range of other bonuses. As of Version 2.30, it is the only armor which offers a damage bonus to two weapons only, the those being the Xmax-Tree, (also a weapon class of its own, although it is also classified as a beam-class weapon as well,) and the Laser Cannon.

Armor Details

Unlock Rank: 9

Dec.24 Head: $3,300,000 | 14,000 HP, +5% Gold, and +5% Power

Dec.24 Chest: $1,800,000 | 15,000 HP, and +5% Power

Dec.24 Hands: $1,900,000 | 10,000 HP and +10% Gold

Dec.24 Legs: $2,800,000 | 11,000 HP and +5% Gold

Set Bonuses: Xmax-Tree +30% damage, +5% Power, +1 Speed, +5% Gold, +10% EXP

Hidden Set Bonuses: +4000 HP, Laser Cannon +30% damage

Stat Totals: 54,000 HP ,+15% Power*, +1 Speed, +25% Gold, +10% EXP

Total Cost: $9,800,000

*Note 1: the full armor alone will boost the damage of the Xmax-Tree by 49.5% due to the way damage bonuses work. Any additional power offered by a backpack will be multiplied by 1.3 before being applied to the Xmax-Tree.

**Note 2: Due to the armor's bonus applying to only one weapon type, strength ranks A.

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