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Damage bonuses refer to weapon-specific damage multipliers which function independently of the standard power bonuses found on most armour components.

Damage bonuses are applied to a weapon's damage output after the power bonuses have been calculated. The calculations are as follows:

Total damage output = Weapon base damage x (1 + power bonuses) x (1 + damage bonus)

There are currently seven known damage bonuses applicable to various weapon classes.

Beam weapon damage bonus

Shotgun damage bonus

  • Obtained from equipping the SPD-005-a backpack.
  • Grants a shotgun damage bonus of 30%, but lowers the power of all other weapons by 10%
  • Applies to: Shotguns (includes the Morpheus)

Melee damage bonus

  • Obtained from equipping the Blade-master backpack
  • Grants a melee damage bonus of 40%
  • Applies to: Light Swords

RPG damage bonus

  • Obtained from equipping the full Cygni Armor
  • Grants an RPG damage bonus of 20%
  • Applies to: RPGs (does not include other explosive weapons)

"Xmax-Tree" damage bonus

Grenade launcher damage bonus

Sniper Rifle damage bonus

  • Supposedly obtained from equipping full Black Hole Armor
  • Supposedly grants a sniper rifle damage bonus of 15%
  • Supposedly applies to: Sniper Rifles
    • Currently appears to be applied only when the Atom and Reflection are equipped at a rate of 30% (multiplying on top of the Atom's natural Beam Bonus above), resulting what's commonly known as the "Atom-Reflection glitch" due to its abnormally high power