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Hello, Wikia users, and welcome to the Star Warfare Wiki! We hope you enjoy your time on here.

Before we get started, here are a couple of general guidelines that need to be observed and followed:

Please note: Any deliberately malicious actions will not be tolerated on the wiki, whether listed on this page or not.

Contributing to Articles

Creating Pages

  1. Before creating a page, check to see that a similar page does not already exist (Special:AllPages will show you a list of all articles in the main section of this Wiki). This wiki has been up for a little while now, so chances are that we've got the content covered already, though we always welcome improvements to existing articles and information.
  2. Please ensure new pages will be useful to the general community, and not simply a personal request or promotion. For example, a request for advice regarding your own progress in the game would be best asked in the commenting section of a relevant page (e.g. Tips and Strategies), on the community forum or perhaps in a personal blog page, such as one like this.

Page Content

  1. Please note that this wiki has a zero tolerance policy towards piracy -- discussion about how to install and use IAP crackers or how to bypass any purchase costs are considered piracy, as you are deliberately depriving app developers of their revenue (this is different from waiting for a sale, as that is an action authorized by the developer themselves).
    • Note: as an important distinction, "jailbreaking" itself is not piracy -- this is simply allowing yourself to access the root directory of your iDevice. Asking for where you can download paid apps for free or where or how to install an IAP cracker, however, is considered discussion of piracy and is not tolerated here.
    • Furthermore, this goes along the same lines with Android. Rooting a device to use third party programs or modded application data to hack in-game currency to the game is a total disregard to the revenue that Freyr gain. Rooting an Android device (which is similar to jail-breaking) allows you to access privileged control within the Android OS subsystem. Rooting is not boycotted but however, using it to an unfair advantage in the game is not condoned in the wiki.
  2. When editing the actual page content, please keep the article content factual and refrain from making opinionated statements (e.g. "Phoenix Armour is the best!"). You might find that there is another way to insert an idea you wish to communicate in a factual manner rather than an opinionated one (e.g. "Many players favor the Phoenix Armor in PvP due to its ability to regenerate HP").
  3. Due to how competitive online behaviour stands at odds with this wiki community's priority of maintaining a friendly atmosphere, we are currently not documenting glitches which can be exploited to the detriment of teammates or opponents. If you wish to add content to the wiki but are unsure whether it may fall into this category, please consult one of the regular members of the community (a recognised member of the community such as an administrator may be a good place to start).

Community Guidelines

General Conduct on the Wiki

  1. If in doubt, please refrain from doing anything which might be disruptive or deceptive on the wiki.
  2. Abide by the Wikia Terms of Use -- any breach of them will result in action being taken here.
  3. Respect your fellow users on this wiki. Foul language directed towards another user will not be tolerated.
  4. Please avoid swearing or using expletives, including (but not limited to) workarounds such as partial or full censoring of the word, deliberate misspellings or rhyming/similar sounding words.
  5. Please refrain from bragging -- it generally will not be constructive to the community as a whole, and is commonly the reason for competitive behavior leading to flame wars. There is a difference between objectively acknowledging your own skill and seeking to promote yourself, but you are best off steering clear of any questionable behavior if the distinction seems blurred to you.
  6. Please do not impersonate another user: even if it is claimed that you were doing it for fun; you will likely be blocked for being disruptive and deceptive.
  7. Multiple accounts held by one user are not permitted on this wiki, as the primary usage of duplicate accounts is to impersonate multiple users or circumvent a ban.
  8. If you feel you have been unfairly blocked, you may want to first try talking to the admin who placed the block to see if they made a mistake. Please understand that being angry or rude about it will not appeal to their lenient side. For more guidance, you may want to check Help:Blocking.
  9. For any major suggestions which may affect the wiki as a whole, please consider checking the Community Voting board; the policies and community decisions on this wiki are generally decided through there.
  10. Refrain asking for Mithril or in-game items, as there is no possible way for items to be exchanged from one Star Warfare account to another.

Conduct on the Wiki Chat

Reading these two articles from the Community Central is a fairly good start to knowing what may and may not be a good idea on the wiki chat:

To keep it simple, try not to do anything disruptive on the chat, and keep in line with the General Conduct on the Wiki (i.e. respect your fellow users), and you should be quite safe :)