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Collapsar is the first VOID introduced in Star Warfare 2: Payback.

When activated, the VOID goes to the target location and begins to create an explosive singularity. After a few seconds, it will explode, dealing a massive amount of damage to anything in its radius. At level 3, the singularity can pull in enemies, making it even more destructive. Bosses and Mambulls will not be affected by the pull, so damaging them may require some aiming. In PvP, players with high SPD can outrun the pull, the range and strength values being lower in PvP. The damage scales according to the player's strongest equipped weapon. This ability has a cooldown time of 40 seconds.


A level 3 Collapsar
Level Materials Required
1 (Base) CrimsonCrystal.png x 10 CrimsonFragment.png x 10
2 EmeraldCrystal.png x 24 EmeraldFragment.png x 26
3 CrimsonRockCrystal.png x 80 AzureCrystal.png x 9 CrimsonFragment.png x 11 CrimsonModule.png x 6
4 CrimsonRockCrystal.png x 100 PureCrystal.png x 24 EmeraldFragment.png x 26 EmeraldModule.png x 6


  • This VOID does Explosive Damage.
  • When activating the ability, Collapsar will stop and activate when it either reaches a certain distance, hits an obstacle, or touches an alien.
  • Collapsar can suck in many aliens (or even your enemies) all at once when upgraded to level 3.
  • It cannot suck in Mambulls or Bosses, but if shot right it can deal a significant amount of damage to them.

*Note: people that have Twilight can escape Collapsar's singularity without any damage dealt to them.