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Catalyst is the fifth and final VOID introduced in Star Warfare 2: Payback.

When activated, the VOID will deploy a round immobile purple shield that prevents enemies and attacks from passing through. The shield's health is 30% of the player's Max HP. The percentage increases as it is upgraded. At Level 3, the shield can explode once it is destroyed, dealing damage equal to the amount of damage it can take. This ability has a cooldown time of 40 seconds.


The Catalyst works well at PvE alien waves and missions since it can block out enemies and protects you from incoming projectiles. This can buy the user time to complete missions and allows you to kill aliens during boss waves with impunity. The shield can explode after reaching Level 3 and will kill all nearby enemies. It is not recommended to be used in boss fights, as most attacks can stun you and knock you out of your shield. The shield can block a few long-range attacks, but it is recommended that you stick to dodging attacks instead of remaining stationary inside of the shield. After Level 3, however, melee attacks from bosses can destroy the shield, and you can deal damage greater than a Collapsar if you have a lot of remaining health.


Using a Catalyst VOID

Using a Catalyst works well in the lower-level matches, as most weapons are not strong enough to break the shield instantly. Shotguns can, and will, become a problem however as they can deal a lot damage at close range in quick bursts. This however is mitigated once the VOID reaches level 3, gaining explosive properties. At end-game matches, however, a Level 2 or lower Catalyst is almost useless since most attacks will destroy the shield in an instant. After reaching Level 3, the VOID works well as a Corrosion Armor/BloodSeeker repellant due to the tendency of higher level players favoring close combat but eluding this VOID, giving you enough time to kill other players with a long-range weapon since most players will keep their distance once they know that the Catalyst is Level 3 or above.

Fighting against Catalyst users

Fighting against users utilizing a Catalyst can be a quite cumbersome if you don't have high-damaging weapons such as a Shotgun or carry Sniper Rifles. The VOID can become a bigger threat once it reaches level 3, granted that it earns offensive capabilities, those being a explosion after the shielding expires, capable of taking down opponents at full health if close-by. It is therefore advisable to maintain prudent distance.

Catalyst will not protect against Twilight. Steel Shell doesn't affect how much damage can be done to the Catalyst shield.


A level 3 Catalyst
Level Materials Required Shield Health
1 (Base) PurpleCrystal.png x 11 PurpleFragment.png x 9 30% of Max HP
2 PurpleCrystal.png x 25 PurpleFragment.png x 25 35% of Max HP
3 PurpleRockCrystal.png x 80 PureFragment.png x 10 EmeraldFragment.png x 10 PurpleModule.png x 6 40% of Max HP
4 PurpleRockCrystal.png x 100 AzureFragment.png x 25 CrimsonCrystal.png x 25 PurpleModule.png x 6 45% of Max HP


  • AoE attacks, such as Mambull's stomping, can still go through the shielding. In PvP, AoE damage will still go through the shielding.
  • Catalyst shields above level 3 will still explode automatically once their timer runs out, so standing back a safe distance is recommended if you haven't confirmed what level of Catalyst an opponent is using.
  • The size of the Catalyst's shield expands slightly when it reaches level 3.
  • Opponents have difficulty running through it and will fully block aliens(can push back mambulls on stage 5-3)
  • When a person isn't in a Catalyst Void's shield, melee attacks fail against it meeting no target to hit, making it a wall against sword fighters in PvP, buying time to escape or for cool downs.Only aliens with ranged attacks can break it, thus giving you time to escape