Key -        ★= Poor                      ★★★★★= Very Safe

Front Line

Front Lines

Spot Safety - ★★★★

Dangers - Avoid Long Range/Flying Attackers. Stalkers are dangerous if you are caught unawares. Dodging is necessary to stay alive.

Energy Core


Spot Safety - ★★★★

Dangers - Enemies only appear on the right side. Wall-peek to see your target ahead of time and prepare for close-ranged battle.

Space Station

Space Station

Spot Safety - ★★★★★

All enemies will appear in front of you as long as you stay on the back side.


The Lair

Spot Safety - ★★★★★

The position in the picture is made for the sole purpose of explaining that not only do you get a near bird's-eye-view of the place, but you can freely move around to dodge any attacks that appear only in front of you.

Training Base


Spot Safety - ★★★★

Dangers - Enemies appear from left and right. Beware of long range attackers. However, enemies appear in your sight far before they can reach you, giving you plenty of time to prepare.

Fire in The Hole

Fire In The Hole

Spot Safety - ★★

Dangers - Not recommended online if doing Double Rages or survival mode. Enemies will appear from several directions, and watch out for strong enemies. The sole purpose of this spot is because of the disability for long range enemies to hit you. Other than this ridiculously cheap spot, you are best off running around and attacking using the old run n' gun method. If you travel one rock to your left, there is a better vantage point over the field, and you have room to dodge any long range attacks.

Stadium Arcadium

Stadium spot

Spot safety - ★★

This spot can be attacked from behind by Black Mayflies to your right. All other Black Mayflies will be inside the fallen structure to your left, but they can't hit you.

Also try picking a corner and memorizing the alien spawn patterns - nowhere near as safe as the hills on Lair, but it makes things much easier in single player if you know when and where the Plasma Slugs and Dempsters are coming from.

Crazy Carnival

Camping Crazy Carnival

Spot Safety: ★★★

All aliens follow a single path, making them all approach you from one direction. By hugging the side of the small platform on your left, it seems to make aliens hesitate for a split second after coming into contact with it.

This spot is great for picking off any melee-oriented aliens, however it is extremely venerable to Black Mayflies, Tacorlions, and Plasma Slugs. There is a wide enough area to avoid projectiles fortunately. It is also not recommended to stay here while a Mambull is confronting you.



Spot Safety:  ★★★★★

Aliens come from one direction only, and do not spawn behind you. There is ample space to avoid any Black Mayflies, Scorpion or Plasma Slug attacks. 

There is enough space behind you to gradually fall back while confronting a Mambull.

If you can find a Safe Spot/Camping Grounds, post them here!

Dragonmasterah 05:10, June 24, 2012 (UTC)Dragonmasterah

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