Alright, this may spike up some few fun besides Star Warfare AI and 2...

(Also inspired by Elder Skrolls wiki. Yes, I do lurk there, don't judge me ^_^)

This is how it works: We start a new story with a random topic and see how close we can stay to them. At the end of 500 posts or so, I will compile the words into the full story.


- Words being used are marked in quotation marks. If it isn't "quoted" then the word is not in play, and will be skipped over in the final version. Speaking outside of quotes is allowed. While it would be preferable to use parantheses around parts that are simply discussion, as long as it is without quotes, it should be fine.

- Do NOT add spaces immediately inside your quotes (for example, " word". Notice the space.). It just causes problems during compilation.

- One word means ONE WORD. This includes names as well. "Malacath" is acceptable, but "Benito Musolini" is not. Posts with two words will only have one word used, the other will be skipped over.

- No altering previous words by adding a "-". The purpose is to work with the words already posted, not change them. These will be skipped over entirely.

- If the previous post is in violation of the rules, simply ignore it and continue using the last word.

- We are using "." to signal the end of a sentence, as it is nice and visible. You may also use "!" or "?", but please do not use commas at all if you can avoid it.

- Please do not capitalize letters unless they grammatically need to be capitalized.

- Please keep posts at least moderately appropriate/relevant.

(Thanks for some help to This Guy for the rules...)

First person who posts chooses the topic and the protagonist with the word they choose. Ideally it should be a name.

Here is an example: Topic: Pizza










Alright, have fun!

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