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Black Hole Alt.png

S - Superb
A - Excellent
B - Good
C - Average
D - Poor

Strength: A
Defense: A
Health: S
Agility: A
Versatility: S

The Black Hole armor is a new armor that was released in version 2.80, along with the Reflection and Spring. It has similar power and gold bonuses comparable to the previous R.O.M.E suit, but also provides a damage bonus to Sniper Rifles. This armor has a special ability of launching a black hole. When the black hole hits an enemy target, all nearby projectiles fired from weapons will home in on the victim, similar to the bolts of the White Drill. The active effect for the armor is very useful and can help your team to lock down certain opponents.

Even though the pumpkins of the M-Z7B2 are similar to the projectiles mentioned above (slow moving), it does not home in. The ability also slows your target, making them more vulnerable to other attacks.

Armor Details


Black Hole Armor


Black Hole Head: 180 Mithril, +15,000 HP, +10% Power, +10% Gold


Black Hole Chest: 50 Mithril, +21,000 HP, +5% Power, +5% Gold


Black Hole Hands: $2,000,000, +11,000 HP, +10% Power


Black Hole Legs: $2,200,000, +16,000 HP, +5% Power, +1 Speed, +5% Gold


Suit Bonus: +5,000 HP, all Sniper Rifles +15% Power

  • Note: As of right now, the 15% Power Bonus to Sniper Rifles is nonexistent.


Use: Shoot a beam to make a enemy become a micro black hole who will pull some big bullets toward him; instant usage, takes 30 seconds to recharge (approximate)


Stat Totals: 230 Mithril, $4,200,000, 68,000 HP, +30% Power, +20% Gold, +1 Speed

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