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Backpacks are a supplement to armor suits that allow you to carry additional weapons and assist items in Star Warfare: Alien Invasion. Backpacks work independently of armor; backpacks do not affect armor sets with their bonuses, and vise versa. That said, different backpacks allow you to carry more items and have special buffs as well, such as power boosts, speed increases, health regeneration, and occasionally an ability such as hovering. By default (start of the game) you can carry only 3 guns/assist items.

Weapons and items can only be used in battle if they have been placed in the backpack prior to entering any room. To place equipment into the bag, a player must access the Customize menu, and then tap the "Pack" button. This will bring up a selection grid of all the equipment the player owns, with the row of squares at the bottom of the screen representing the player's bag and any equipped items. Some backpacks allow the user to levitate and hover over any bosses poison

Each bag has a different limit on how many items can be stored in it. For example, a backpack with a capacity of 5 will be able to store a total of 5 weapons or assist items.

Backpacks make a return in Star Warfare 2: Payback, but no longer increase the amount of items you are allow to hold.

Name Cost ($) Slots HP POW Energy SPD Others
VB-03-II 0 3 +200
VB-03-III 25,000 3 +300 +10%
SP-04-IV 40,000 4 +500 -20%
SP-11-V 8 Mithril 3 +300 +10% +1
KP-101-X 10 Mithril 4 +500 +40HP per kill
VP-22-VII 150,000 4 +600 +15% +20% EXP
SPD-005-a 100,000 5 +700 +30% shotgun POW, -10% for others
ECO-03-VI 200,000 3 +500 -10% +1 +10% Gold
TT-05-b 280,000 5 +1000 Damage Taken -20%
SAM-005-I 60 Mithril 5 +800 +20% +1 +25% Gold
STK-06-ZZ 700,000 6 +900 +30% +50% +2
HYD-00-IX 48 Mithril 5 +1500 +15%


20% chance to immune from attack**

H.F-V-03 95 Mithril 6 +1200 For team: +70 HP/sec (This effect does NOT stack)

+30% effect of all HP items

STK.F-VI-00 85 Mithril 6 +800 For Team: +20% POW (does not stack)*^ +1 Team effect does not stack
XO2B-FREEDOM 150 Mithril 6 +2000 +10% Unlimited +40HP/sec
F.L.O.A.T^ 120 Mithril 6 +1500 +20% +1

+10% Gold

Immune to ground hazards

Use: +2 SPD (30s duration, 60s cool-down)

VISNU 120 Mithril 6 +4000

+10% EXP

For team: -20% damage taken

TRI-O-AVATAR 120 Mithril 6 +3500 +15% +1 Use: -85% damage taken (5s duration, 35s cool-down)
BLADE-MASTER^^ 1,200,000 4 +1000 +40% Melee attacks POW Immune to ground hazards
TOUCH AND GO 1,000,000 5 +2000 +1 If hit, +2 SPD for a short time (PvP & PvE)

110 Mithril

6 +3000 +5% ***Use: Reduce some of your POW while transforms part of the damage you deal into HP. (10s duration, 120s cool-down).


140 Mithril 6 +3600

+30% POW

For team: +10% POW (does not stack)


+35% Gold

+30% EXP

+20HP per kill

+10% chance to immune from attack**


200 Mithril

6 +4000 +25% +1 Use: Generate dark winds which drains HP from others. (60s cool-down)

+30% EXP


218 Mithril

6 +4000 +15% +2 +30% EXP

If hit: +1 SPD for a short time

+50 HP per sec

+25% Gold

Immune to ground hazards.


188 Mithril

6 +3000 +5% +1 +25% EXP

If hit: +1.5 SPD for a shot time

+10% Gold

30% chance to immune from attack**

**Note: This means that for x% of the time, a single projectile will be negated by a shield.

+Note: Recommended for people who don't like to buy ammo. Your energy still appears on screen, but it doesn't get expended when you fire your weapon while using this bag.

^Note: Immunity to ground hazards is a permanent effect. The F.L.O.A.T bag has the ability to activate a temporary +2 speed boost for 30 seconds.

*^Note: The STK.F will override the effects of the Jin.Jingle, they will not add together to give +30% power to the team

^^Note: This is similar to the F.L.O.A.T bag in its floating aspect, but it trades the speed boost ability and 2 bag slots for a +40% sword passive power boost.

***Note: Specific functions of the Dracula:

  • Estimated Power Trade-off: -25% POW
  • Proven HP Absorption: 65% of effective damage output when ability is not active


Backpack Cost Bonuses Description Requirements/Notes PvP Unlock Level
Health Damage Speed Gold EXP
Default 200 --- --- --- --- Never again let the discomfort of massive ammo stock weigh you down, UNCC applies mirco-energy buoyancy to backpacks so soldiers become walking munition holds. No requirements. Matches with Helium Armor. 1
GoldIconSW2.png40,000 400 --- --- 10% --- A sleeker edition of the backpack to increase resource gathering. Finish Stage 1 Normal. 9
MithrilIconSW2.png600 1000 15% 1 15% 15% An experimental jetpack for shock troop infiltration. Finish Stage 2 Normal. One of the two backpacks that allow the user to hover, avoiding ground hazards such as the lava pits in Cerberlisk's arena. 16
GoldIconSW2.png900,000 3000 --- 0.5 --- --- This scout backpack generates an unpredictable shield. Finish Stage 3 Normal. Has a 15% chance to nullify damage taken. Stacks with a VOID's Immunity passive for a 25% chance. 24
GoldIconSW2.png1,400,000 2200 50%* --- 10% 10% Thirsty for unlimited energy, UNCC scientists devised this backpack prototype. Finish Stage 4 Normal. Increases Energy DMG by 50% only when equipped with a single weapon. 29
MithrilIconSW2.png2,000 3600 --- 1 20% 20% Space symbiotes infest this questionable medical experiment, staving off death. Finish Stage 3 Heroic. When HP is lower that 45%, it heals 2% per second for the team. 34
MithrilIconSW2.png1,800 10000 15% --- --- --- A light bag made from some kind of material from the Crimson Queen. No requirements. Removes SPD penalty when shooting. Matches with Corrosion Armor. 1
GoldIconSW2.png2,900,000 10000 --- 1 15% 15% A bag of special transmission material Finish Stage 3 Heroic. Any pickups you obtain also affect your allies by 50%. Matches with Krypton Armor. 39
Brand's Gift
MithrilIconSW2.png1,800 6000 25% 1 25% 25% A new bag brought from UBW-594244 by Dr. Brand. Finish Stage 1 Heroic. One of the two backpacks that allow the user to hover. When equipped with a TI-14 Firework RPG, it shoots two missiles instead of one. Matches with Magma Armor. 22
GoldIconSW2.png3,600,000 7200 10% 1 10% 10% A magical reaction enables the bag to generate a shield for UNCC soldiers. Finish Stage 3 Heroic. Generates a shield with 20% of the user's Max HP after not taking damage for 5s. Matches with Harrier Armor. 31
MithrilIconSW2.png2,200 10000 10% 0.5 15% 15% You can sense a strange energy coming from this bag. Finish Stage 3 Heroic. Generates a shield for the user every 30s. Once the shield breaks, the user is invulnerable for 2s. Damage taken during this time will be converted to additional DMG when the invulnerability period is over. Matches with Wrath Armor.