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S - Superb
A - Excellent
B - Good
C - Average
D - Poor

Strength: S
Defense: B
Health: B
Agility: A
Versatility: B

The Atom Armor is a mid-game armor available at Rank 6. The armor set is best known for the damage bonus it offers to beam-class weapons (namely, the Laser Guns, Sniper Rifles, Laser Cannon and Xmax-Tree).

Similarly to the Thunder Armor, it is possible to use this armor set to defeat all six bosses if a player capitalizes on their agility and avoids taking much damage. However, the Thunder Armor possesses higher potential damage output because of its ability (+50% power, +2 speed), whereas the Atom Armor possesses 35% more HP and steadier levels of damage output.

In PvP, players who wish to trade away their defenses for more power to their beam weaponry may choose this armor instead of armors unlocked at higher ranks. It might be worthwhile to stay out of sight and ambush your opponents at mid or long range. It is also a good idea to use the X-Max Tree to confront your enemies at closer ranges, but due to its lower health level, distance is the key. If you suffer from lack of sniper aim, use the NOVA27 (which is just as good as the LIT07 in PvP) and practice at all ranges. Avoid close confrontation with opponents. This armor can be very useful if you have an R100-Railgun or an R700-AA and is very tough with the Reflection.


  • If you look closely at the picture, the Atom helmet is similar to Strike armor's helmet.
  • Despite the Morpheus labeled as a Laser Gun, the Atom's suit bonus does not recognize this and therefore does not apply.


  • When the armor is equipped with the Reflection and the Jin.Jingle/STK-06-ZZ backpack, the base power is increased to 10,292 compared to the R700-AA (with 9,236 power).

Armor Details

Atom Armor
Parts Price Stats

Atom Head

Price: $800,000

Stats: +7000 HP, +5% POW

Atom Chest

Price: $1,200,000

Stats: +11000 HP

Atom Hands

Price: $650,000

Stats: +5000 HP, +10% POW

Atom Legs

Price: $450,000

Stats: +4000 HP, +1 SPD


Price: $3,100,000

Stats: +27000 HP, +15% POW, +1 SPD

Set Bonus


Price: $3,100,000

Stats: +27000 HP, +15% POW, +1 SPD

Unique Set Bonus

All Beam Weapons: +30% POW*

Set Bonus Ability

This armor doesn't have any active abilities

*Note 1: The Atom Armor's beam bonus multiplies any power bonuses offered by the armor pieces and the backpack. As a result, when a beam-class weapon is equipped, the armor alone offers an effective power bonus of 49.5%, while factoring in a backpack would require you to multiply the backpack's power bonus by 1.3

*Note 2: Due to a glitch in the v2.80 update, this armor, when combined with Reflection, gives the sniper rifle a huge power bonus, resulting in a total of 10,292 Power (assuming the player was wearing a 30% Power Bonus backpack), which is enough to take out any armor with a health below 60,001 in one shot.

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