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Set Bonuses are a new mechanic introduced in Star Warfare 2: Payback. Each piece of armor (Helmet, chest, gloves, boots) is given one of three color polarities: Green, Blue, or Yellow. Every four color combination is unique and has its own specific bonuses. Special Set Bonuses can be obtained by equipping a full set of armor with the same name, and will take priority over a Color Combination bonus (Ex; Full Helium Armor will give the "Recruit" Bonus rather than "Beginner"). Set Bonuses stack with each armors' original bonuses (Ex; Dread Helmet's +5% damage will still apply regardless of Set Bonus).

List of Set Bonuses

By Armor Set

Name Armor Set Description Bonuses Ability
Recruit Helium Armor Full-set armor for UNCC recruits. Better replace it with a better suit. +5% Bullet DMG N/A
Grace Neon Armor Full-set bonus for loyal UNCC soldiers. +20% All DMG, +10% Gold/EXP N/A
Golden Eagle Armor A bounty hunter's favorite gear that increases the amount of Gold earned. +30% Bullet DMG, +30%* Gold N/A
Energy Core Dread Armor Uses some Mithril power in the armor to boost energy damage. +40% Energy DMG, +10% FCD N/A
Metal Warrior Argon Armor "Explosions, more explosions," said Dr. Cunningham. +50% Explosion DMG, +15% Max HP (Not shown) PropellerIcon.png Propeller: +3 SPD for 5s, 30s CD
Storm Despair Armor Increases burst-out capabilities. +15% All DEF, +15% Gold/EXP ThunderIcon.png Thunder: +50% All DMG, +2 SPD for 15s, 60s CD (actually 45s CD)
Sea Giant Falcon Armor An overall attribute. +20% All DMG, +20% Max HP, +20% Gold/EXP TitanSkinIcon.png Titan Skin: +50% All DEF for 5s, 60s CD
Phoenix Krypton Armor Immortal like a phoenix. +35% Bullet/Energy DMG, +20% Max HP Passive: Recover HP by 240/5% when killing an alien/enemy.
Magician Corrosion Armor N/A +25% All DMG, +40% FCD, +25% Max HP, +1 SPD PreviousSkillIcon.png Previous Skill: Uses the last used item/skill/killstreak
Molten Fire Magma Armor N/A +35% Explosion/Melee DMG, +10% Gold/EXP EruptionIcon.png Eruption: Generate a lava wave that deals 1000% Energy DMG to ground enemies and heals teammates by 1000%, 90 CD
Colossus Harrier Armor N/A +20% All DMG, +40% All DEF, +0.5 SPD God Blessing: Prevents death for 5s and transfers damage taken into a shield when done, 150s CD
Doomsday Knight Wrath Armor N/A +60% melee DMG, +30% all DEF and +1 SPD Doomsday Mark: Fires a projectile which inflicts 400% melee DMG on a target. If the target is a human opponent, enemy is dragged over to user at high speed. 40s CD.

*Actual effect in-game found to be different from the in-game written description

By Color Combination

Name Helmet Chest Gloves Boots Description Bonuses Ability
Beginner Green Green Green Green Primary set the UNCC gives recruits to resist swarms. Try to replace it with a full-set armor. N/A N/A
Bullet Green Green Green Blue Augmented bullet set. +25% Bullet DMG, +15% Bullet DEF N/A
Blazing Speed Green Green Green Yellow Speed at the cost of health. N/A BlazingSpeedIcon.png Blazing Speed: +6 SPD, -10% HP for 5s, 60s CD
Dodge I Green Green Blue Green Defensive gear. +10% Bullet/Energy DEF, +10% EXP N/A
Energy Source Green Green Blue Blue A modified energy set. +25% Energy DMG, +15% Energy DEF N/A
Caster II Green Green Blue Yellow Greatly reduced skill CD. +10% Gold, +50% FCD N/A
Stimpack Green Green Yellow Green Short term operational boosts at the cost of life. N/A StimpackIcon.png Stimpack: +50% FR, +2 Speed, -30% HP for 10s, 60s CD
Last Stand Green Green Yellow Blue Adrenaline surge for short term additional HP. N/A LastStandIcon.png Last Stand: +100% Max HP for 15s, 60s CD
Bullet Storm Green Green Yellow Yellow Greatly strengthened Bullet specs. +35% Bullet DMG, +25% Bullet DEF N/A
Standard A Green Blue Green Green Energy and Melee damage buff. +10% Energy/Melee DMG, +5% Gold N/A
Boom Green Blue Green Blue Modified explosive handling. +25% Explosion DMG, +15% Explosion DEF N/A
Cure Green Blue Green Yellow UNCC's protocol for excessive bleeding. +1 SPD CureIcon.png Cure: Recover 100% HP, CD: 60s
Block I Green Blue Blue Green Mining gear; more gold with close combat and explosion boosts. +10% Explosion/Melee DEF, +10% Gold N/A
Blade Green Blue Blue Blue Modified for blunt force trauma. +25% Melee DMG, +15% Melee DEF N/A
Stalker Green Blue Blue Yellow Hit and run to capture. +15% Max HP, +1.5 SPD Passive: +1 SPD after being hit.
All-rounder Green Blue Yellow Green Super jack of all trades gear. +15% All DMG, +15% FCD, +15% Max HP, +1 SPD N/A
Explorer II Green Blue Yellow Blue Gold and EXP collection boosted by tech gear with sophisticated collection techniques. +30% Gold/EXP, +5% FCD N/A
Energy Storm Green Blue Yellow Yellow Become the energy warrior. +35% Energy DMG, +25% Energy DEF N/A
Standard B Blue Green Green Green Grunt suit with bullet and explosion attack buff. +10% Bullet/Explosion DMG, +5% Gold N/A
Medical Care Blue Green Green Blue Medical set with healing and skill protection. +30 HP Recovery, +10% FCD, +10% All DEF N/A
Standard A+ Blue Green Green Yellow Upgraded grunt suit with higher bullet/explosion damage. +25% Bullet/Explosion DMG, +5% FCD N/A
Explorer I Blue Green Blue Green Farming gear, gold/experience sponge. +15% Gold/EXP, +0.5 SPD N/A
Caster I Blue Green Blue Blue Suit for skills fiends. +25% FCD, +10% EXP, +1 SPD N/A
Standard B+ Blue Green Blue Yellow Become the energy samurai. +25% Energy/Melee DMG, +5% FCD N/A
Siege II Blue Green Yellow Green Tank armor - slow by nigh unstoppable. +25% All DEF, +35% MAX HP, +80 HP Recovery, -1.5 SPD N/A
Alter Time Blue Green Yellow Blue N/A N/A AlterTimeIcon.png Alter Time: Reduces all enemy's SPD by 5 in 20m for 5s, 60s CD (Stuns aliens)
Mad Bomber Blue Green Yellow Yellow Demolition expert. +35% Explosion DMG, +25% Explosion DEF N/A
Runner Blue Blue Green Green Rich flash, money and speed. +10% Gold RushIcon.png Rush: +2 SPD for 10s, 60s CD
Defender Blue Blue Green Blue Superior defense set. +20% All DEF, +10% MAX HP, +1 SPD N/A
Old Driver Blue Blue Green Yellow PvP Marauder. +25% All DMG, +10% FCD, +10% All DEF N/A
Greenhand Blue Blue Blue Green Weapons (all) expert. +20% All DMG, +5% Gold N/A
Siege I Blue Blue Blue Blue Health set, bonus life but slower speed. +15% All DEF, +20% MAX HP, +50 HP Recovery, -1 SPD N/A
Deserter Blue Blue Blue Yellow Live to laugh another day, experience and speed. +30% EXP, +5% FCD, +10% Max HP Passive: +2 SPD after being hit.
Double-Edged Blue Blue Yellow Green Some veterans will go after greater damage output regardless of their life. +35% All DMG, +35% FCD, -20% All DEF, +10% Gold/EXP N/A
Fire Blue Blue Yellow Blue Teamwork boost. N/A FireStormIcon.png Fire Storm: +30% All DMG to team for 12 sec, 60s CD
Blade Storm Blue Blue Yellow Yellow Martial arts master. +35% Melee DMG, +25% Melee DEF N/A


  • In the original Star Warfare, armor bonuses could only be obtained when wearing a full set of armor.
  • The armor set bonuses were changed in the second version of the game while armor bonuses in the first game could only apply by wearing a full set.
  • Before Version 1.1, Armor bonuses that give you bonus effects (such as -1.5 SPD) would not have been displayed when you view your stats.
  • Currently, there are no helmets or chests with a Yellow color polarity.