• Ancient Vision
  • Ancient (Re)vision
  • Long-range half of the map.
  • Open ground (suited to mid-range combat, susceptible to snipers).
  • Statue of what seems to resemble several existing armours.
  • Close-ranged half of the map.
  • Closed-ranged half of the map after the "Cristmas Update"
Previous Map: Air Crash


Ancient Vision is one of the first PvP maps introduced to Star Warfare (the other being Reactor). It is one of the smaller maps in the game, and the battleground appears to be located in some ruins located in a desert terrain.

The map features various sets of stairs, alleyways, and obstacles as well as multiple open spaces, allowing for a wide variety of combat styles: while the elevation of the staircases and the wide open spaces allow effective usage of Sniper Rifles, passageways hidden behind walls and the staircases themselves provide cover for players usings weapons such as Windblades and Light Bows.

Ancient Re- Vision

The Version 2.20 "Christmas Update" introduced a modified version of the Ancient Vision map, which primarily features texture modifications such as a night sky, falling snow, and illuminated walls. However, further additions also include snow mounds in various places, reindeer sculptures in the background of the map and, most notably, a large Christmas Tree on the elevated platform towards one end of the map. The Christmas tree contains has a glitch which allows players to go behind and move partially within it, though they still remain vulnerable to gunfire. 

After the Christmas update, this and Kill House have become the most popular PvP maps in Star Warfare: Alien Invasion This is mostly due to the Christmas Tree, which has become popular among the players to battle there, though the Microwave map took this fame after another update. This map still uses the gift flag instead of the regular flag.


Combat on this map is relatively fast-paced, and players may wish to specialize in one particular combat style or bring several weapons and adapt their combat, depending on their immediate surroundings and situation.

Spawn Locations

The blue team spawns at the southern area behind a wide wall.

The pink team spawns at the northern area up the staircase.

Recommended Weapons

Laser Guns- Its versatility makes it well suited as an immediate response weapon, but it is also well suited to medium to long-range combat, as well as for chasing after opponents while continuing to attack them.

Light Swords- Well-suited for ambushing opponents in narrow passages or around corners. Sword users may wish to stick close to walls and use the stairs as cover when attempting to ambush a sniper using one of the stairs as a vantage point. While usable in open spaces, beware of the drop in mobility while actually performing the slashes.

Light Bows- While it lacks the higher mobility of the swords, its range is also longer and wider due to its explosive properties. It can be used similarly to a sword, but it's also fairly effective against opponents in open spaces as long as there aren't opponents attacking you from longer ranges while you're chasing your target.

Grenade Launchers- Can be used to fire over walls that players are taking cover behind, as well as randomly fired over the staircases and passageways in an attempt to hit players who may be looking for opponents in those areas.

Machine Guns- While similarly suited to mid to long-range combat as the Laser Guns, their speed penalties decrease your ability to chase opponents, but increase the stability of your aim due to your character moving less. As such, machine guns are particularly well-suited to precision aiming and long-range "sniping".

Sniper Rifles- These are useful while sneaking on attacking players on open spaces on the map, due to their long range and precision, but are not so useful in mid-range combat (especially if an enemy has a Laser Gun or Grenade Launchers).